Travel-friendly recipes (Vegan)

A while ago I wrote the ultimate vegan guide to eating anywhere when you’re on the road. And in that article I promised a list of travel-friendly recipes for when you have access to a kitchen and are able to cook your own meals. Well, here it finally is! I am not including really simpleContinue reading “Travel-friendly recipes (Vegan)”

Vegan Guide to Zagreb (2022)

Our beautiful Croatian capital has become a real gem for vegans. Since moving away from Zagreb in 2019, three new completely vegan places have opened up! For a country like Croatia, this is huge and I am so happy to see more vegan restaraunts being opened and more people being open and interested in veganContinue reading “Vegan Guide to Zagreb (2022)”

Vegan Travel Survival Kit

If you’ve been vegan for any amount of time, you are familiar with the constant worry of whether you will have something to eat wherever you go. Most often, we eat before we leave for anywhere, just in case. This is magnified when traveling. It’s amazing when you’re in a vegan-friendly city where you canContinue reading “Vegan Travel Survival Kit”