Travel-friendly recipes (Vegan)

A while ago I wrote the ultimate vegan guide to eating anywhere when you’re on the road. And in that article I promised a list of travel-friendly recipes for when you have access to a kitchen and are able to cook your own meals. Well, here it finally is! I am not including really simpleContinue reading “Travel-friendly recipes (Vegan)”

How to REALLY travel without breaking the bank

Many have talked and written about it, many have dreaded it: traveling on a budget. Or traveling cheap, to be more blunt. I know that there are thousands of blog posts and articles and videos on this topic, all reiterating the same things. I’m not telling you this to promise that this won’t be suchContinue reading “How to REALLY travel without breaking the bank”

How I pack my carry-on backpack for Ryanair flights (+downloadable packing list!)

This article contains the best packing tips, but to get my packing list click on the link below! As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am a budget traveler. I don’t like to spend more than I need to, because, in my mind, more money spent on flights and accommodation is less money toContinue reading “How I pack my carry-on backpack for Ryanair flights (+downloadable packing list!)”