About me

Hi, I’m Mirna. 26 going on 27 from Croatia. I studied English at the University of Zagreb where I graduated in 2019. A couple of months later, I moved to London where I lived until March 2020 when a global pandemic returned me home. Initially, I was planning on moving back, but realised that wouldn’t be sustainable so I settled in Croatia and put my degree to good use by becoming a high-school English teacher. Now you’re all caught up.

I appreciate lesser-known destinations, going off the beaten path and learning as many new things as possible. On the other hand, I try not to be too judgemental and have too many preconceived notions of some of the most popular destinations, keeping in mind that every experience is unique. I usually travel on a budget, but won’t hesitate to spend more on unique activities that will be memorable additions to my life.

In 2017, after watching this video, I went vegan. It has become a great part of my life and it will be a great part of this blog too, for travelling when on a particular diet can be tricky. You can expect some vegan travel guides, too.

What I always adored were adventures. To be completely frank, these adventures were mostly played in adventure games. One of my favorite game series, Uncharted, and its beautiful gameplay in locations all over the world searching for treasure, always inspired me to travel and explore the world. It made Nepal number one on my travel bucketlist. Mind you, I am very well aware that I am not a treasure hunter, but I do like to believe I can take away something from that sentiment. I hunt for places, people, customs, memories, tastes, smells, stunning views and everything in between.

So that is why I am trying to have as many adventures as possible and explore the world. Life really is short, and I think recent events highlighted that fact and how quickly everything can change. That’s why this blog is also a reminder of this to me, and entices me to travel and experience more.

Thank you for being here with me on this journey. Here’s to many new adventures together!