Vegan Guide to Zagreb (2022)

Our beautiful Croatian capital has become a real gem for vegans. Since moving away from Zagreb in 2019, three new completely vegan places have opened up!

For a country like Croatia, this is huge and I am so happy to see more vegan restaraunts being opened and more people being open and interested in vegan food. Naturally, I had to try all these new places and see how Zagreb fares compared to other European capitals for myself.

So, here is my guide to the best vegan and plant-based places in Zagreb.

1. Oaza Joyful Kitchen

Address: Radićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb

Starting off with a bang, it’s the vegan oasis in the very heart of the city. They have a changing daily menu that consists of a main dish, a side and a stew, so you can always count on a warm meal to replenish you (especially after a night out).

On their permanent menu they have a range of healthy burgers and wraps, as well as smoothies and some cakes too. All of their food is really tasty, and what makes it even better is the spacious and peaceful atmosphere, central location with a view of the passers-by on a busy street and the helpful staff.

2. 3 Hugs Vegan Brunch Bar (UPDATE: CLOSED)

Address: Amruševa 1, 10000 Zagreb

JUNE 2022 UPDATE: Unfortunately this beautiful brunch bar has been closed by the tax office.

One of the coolest new editions on Zagreb’s plant-based scene is a vegan brunch bar. Although, I write this with a caveat: they have cow’s milk on the menu alongside all the different plant milks so keep that in mind.

This little bar is very nicely decorated and when you enter, you see it’s not so little- there is a lot of seating. Their menu consists mostly of breakfast items such as chickpea omelettes and pancakes but they also have salad bowls. I must say this was my favourite out of all the newer additions because the omelette was perfect, the ambient was really beautiful and comforting and the staff was extremely nice. I ordered an omelette and an orange juice and I got a coffee after my meal for free!

It’s also very convenient because they are the only place that are open early (from 9 a.m.) and the location is also near the Zrinjevac park.

3. Food Garden

Address: Zrinjevac 16, 10000 Zagreb

The newly opened Food Garden focuses on healthy plant-based bowls. They don’t really have cooked meals except for the soup of the day. I had the miso bowl which was very aromatic and intense, but not too overbearing. Every ingredient fits perfectly and the flavours combine nicely. The portion is really generous and you will definitely feel satiated.

The restaraunt has a great central location right on the Zrinjevac park which makes it really convenient. It is close to the Central Train station too, so it’s a nice place to relax if you’ve just come off a long train journey. The ambiance follows the garden theme with lots of greenery and green furniture.

4. Vegehop

Address: Vlaška ulica 79, 10000 Zagreb

This restaraunt is one of the, if not the oldest restaraunts on this list. Originally, it was a vegetarian place but in recent years they’ve gone fully vegan which was great to hear. Nestled in a small street off the main road, it hides a multitude of diverse and tasty dishes.

Pictured above is spaghetti Alfredo, but with a twist- they are served cold. This was surprising but so very needed on a hot summer day and most importantly, it was delicious. I highly recommend trying out their tiramisu, it’s what vegan dreams are made of.

They have a really large menu to choose from and the staff is really friendly, welcoming and caring. They will answer any question you may have and check on you to make sure the food was up to standard.

All in all….

Zagreb has really stepped-up their vegan game. There are even a couple of more fully vegan restaurants not on the list, but these have the best ratio of price, convenience and quality, in my humble opinion. I am looking forward to seeing even more vegan restaurants in Zagreb and all over the country.

Have you tried any of these restaurants? Let me know in the comments.

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