My (provisional) 2022 travel plans

January Blues got ahold of me, let me tell ya. Naturally, I am turning toward travel planning to make me feel happiness again. Very dramatic, I know, but what can you do? As I’m typing this, rain is pattering above my head on my roof window. It’s as dreary as it gets. Of course I’m going to be thinking about all the sunny coasts I plan on visiting!

Anyway, here is my provisional (because we all know everything changes on a daily basis) list of places I want to visit in 2022. I am using this as an opportunity to make a blog post yes, but mainly I’m writing this to hold myself accountable and actually follow through on using every single holiday break I can to travel.

Here are my hopes and dreams for 2022, listed chronologically by month:

1. February – Malta

Photo by Som Thapa Magar on

From February 22 to February 26, you can find me in Malta. I sincerely hope so. I got the hotel booked, a million travel blog posts read and pinned and I am mentally already exploring the stone streets with beautiful balconies in my head.

I mean just look at the color of the sea on that picture! Yeah, sure, it was probably taken in summer whereas I’m going in winter, but positive thinking , right?

2. April- Something that starts with an S?

Alright, this one’s a bit of a doozy. So I don’t actually know where I will go, but I am dead set on using my Easter break – April 18-24 and spending it somewhere new.

I have had Istanbul on my mind and in my plans for a while now. However, a return ticket from Zagreb is currently around 200 euros, which is usually my budget for flight+accommodation. When searching for flights out of all the airports nearest me, I found Zagreb to be lacking in choices for my dates.

That’s why I turned to the second-best, only because it requires crossing another country (the distance is virtually the same), and that is Venice Treviso Airport. When going through what seemed like 50 different flight options, I found an affordable flight to a town I’ve never heard of called Sibiu in Romania. In my ignorance, I wasn’t expecting much, so I was surprised to see how beautiful and romantic this whole town looked. Instead of me telling you, let me show you the video that made me put Sibiu on my bucket list.

Still, I read you could visit the whole town in an afternoon, and I have 5 days. Although spending 5 days strolling along these streets does sound magical, and I could take a 2-hour trip to visit the famous Bran Castle, I looked what else was there.

I saw Santorini on the Ryanair list and couldn’t help myself but to check my dates. There they were, but seeing how almost all flights in April are severely more expensive than other months, I wasn’t expecting much. To my absolute shock, I found a flight from Venice to Santorini that leaves on Easter Sunday and returns the following Thursday for a whopping 50 euro. Being a popular destination, I consider that an amazing deal. The only downside is that I feel like it might be a bit too touristy and would feel bad choosing it over Sibiu (which also looks incredible) just because Santorini is so popular. We shall have to wait and see.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

3. July- Ibiza

I wrote about feeling guilty choosing a touristy Santorini over some undiscovered gem, this time it’s the complete opposite. I revel in the fact that I will go on the touristiest of trips, nay, vacations, and it can’t come soon enough.

This will be a end-of-the-school-year-celebration girls trip where the only plans for July 2-7 will be beach, bars and food. I will consciously not search for any sightseeing recommendations so as to have a proper lads holiday. And I’m not even sorry about it!

4. July/August – Canada (Vancouver), USA (Los Angeles), Mexico (Tijuana)

This one’s the best one and the most optimistic one. It’s the best because it will be my first-ever transcontinental trip and a destination I’ve been dreaming about since I can remember, and the most optimistic one because I’ve stuffed a lot of places in a short amount of time. I don’t want to even think about other restrictions halting my plans!

Let me tell ya, I have high hopes for this one. It’s summer, my favourite season, I’m free from work, I have my birthday in July and I will be visiting family I haven’t seen in ages and places I have seen only in pictures and films.

Alright, so here’s the plan: I will be widening my “nearby airport radius” to Budapest, for they have the most affordable flights to a lot of destinations. Luckily, Vancouver is one of them. So, on July 15, I will be setting off to Vancouver from Budapest airport. I have family there so I plan on staying with them for a week, and exploring nearby places during that week as well. Right now, I have Vancouver Island and lots of forests in mind, but I still have time to find out what there is to see. Have any suggestions? Let me know!

Photo by Connor Danylenko on

Then I plan on making my way to the great country of US and A. After waiting for many many long years, the US Embassy in Zagreb finally declared that Croatia entered the Visa Waiver Program. So now that I can easily cross the border, I plan on making my way to the City of Angels. I know it’s like one of the most disappointing tourist destinations or something like that, but I honestly cannot wait to be disappointed. I am still weighing my options between flying or maybe taking an Amtrak train which I recently heard about, but one way or the other I’m getting there.

Photo by Martin Pu00e9chy on

Now for the fun part. Once I’m in LA, I really plan on not having plans. I will for sure do all the touristy things, then do some of my own touristy things visiting places that mean something to me, and from there I hope to visit a couple of more things. Best case scenario, trip to Las Vegas, night in Las Vegas, trip to the Grand Canyon (because how could I not) and back again to LA.

Oh yeah, and also somehow go to Tijuana from LA for a day trip. Or a two-day trip. Doable right?

5. November – Somewhere in Europe

I will have a few days off at the start of Novemeber (around the holiday on November 1st), which will be a nice amount of time to take a short trip somewhere in Europe. This is actually how my trip to Oslo came to be. I don’t have a particular destination set in place yet, for I’m leaving that to be a last-minute decision as well, based on which flight happens to be the cheapest. The only rule? Visit somewhere new.

6. December – Slovenia

I know, quite a daring jump for the last trip, literally the closest neighbouring country. However, this year will end in a bang because I plan on going somewhere in Slovenia to celebrate the New Year 2023 (I am way in the future, I know) with my best friend, as a sort of bucketlist thing we have been waiting for for a couple of years now.

And there you have it! My 2022 in a nutshell hopefully. I know that by writing this, I am basically asking for being completely slapped in the face with everything that could go wrong with these plans, but like I said, I am holding myself accountable and sticking to it. So be it!

What are your travel plans for 2022? Let me know in the comments. To make sure I am adhering to this list, follow me on Instagram for the most up-to-date developments.

And last but not least, Happy New Year!

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